Babies Live in a World unto themselves

     It is quite amusing to the adult when a baby realizes he or she has hands or feet.  They will take their hand and put it several inches away from their face and just stare at their fingers moving. Later they will take their feet and move them up to their mouth. If you look at the simple movements from a babies perspective everything would seem rather magical.  . Imagine a hand just appearing in front of your face. You do not know why it is there. Suddenly the fingers move on their own! Whoa!

Andrew Bremner conducted a study on this very thing and what he found out was rather fascinating.

Bremner interprets the results to mean that young babies don’t link the outside visual world to their own bodies yet. Instead, they exist in a state he calls “tactile solipsism,” in which the only thing young babies know about touch is the sensation on the skin, not who or what is causing it. “Your bodily world would be almost completely separate from your visual world,” he says.

You can read the full article here

Young babies live in a world unto themselves

Unexpected Gift!


I had a unexpected baby in May! Yes I did not know I was pregnant! Oh what is one to do when that happens? Well I will promise you something, if you are pregnant and your baby is not planned or you are like me and that pregnancy test said negative, trust me on this you can be a good parent.

This blog is here to help you figure out which products are great and which ones are useless. The stores can be very confusing. Half the stuff at the baby store you will not even need. I will also be sharing advice along the way (we are all in this together), and I will share resources to help you along the way!  It will not be all child related I will share recipes, products for the home, news stories on family related stuff, as well as jokes and videos.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will have fun writing it!